III EAFO Breast Cancer Forum


09 - 11 October 2020

Pipetting Samples

In Conjunction with

37th EAFO OncoPathology Seminar "Breast Cancer"


V EAFO OncoImaging Seminar "Breast Cancer"


EAFO Radiotherapy Seminar "Breast Cancer"

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Registration Deadline

:​  25 September 2020

:  07 October 2020

EAFO Breast Cancer Forum



EAFO breast cancer forum under the organization EAFO emphasizes the need for global cooperation in combating cancer.


Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and second most common cancer overall with more than 2million people fighting it each day.

"To provide communication, education and interaction among large variety of specialists involved in research, diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer. EAFO breast cancer forum is a platform that brings leading experts from all over the world to strengthen this field to find better clinical and research solutions". 


We hope that we learn and grow together through this forum to bring out possible solutions to improve the quality of clinical, basic, population and translational research.
It brings us immense happiness to host and meet you in our upcoming online programs !

III EAFO Breast Cancer Forum that will be held ONLINE on 09 - 11 October 2020 along with 37th EAFO Oncopathology Seminar “Breast Cancer, V EAFO OncoImaging Seminar "Breast Cancer" & EAFO Radiotherapy Seminar "Breast Cancer".


  • EAFO breast cancer forum focuses on strengthening the interaction between experts  and equals from any part of the world  for sharing  their knowledge irrespective of their background  to bring progress from scientific process to results 

  • The quality of cancer diagnosis In most cancer hospitals and centers throughout Eurasian continent is still low except western Europe and selected centers of excellence

  • To address this problem , the steering committee of Eurasian federation of oncology has made strategic decision to begin this educational series at the year 2010

Forum Chairs

Ismail JATOI

Forum Chair

Surgical Oncologist

San Antonio, Texas, USA


Forum Co-Chair

Medical Oncologist

Genolier,  Switzerland


Forum Co-Chair

Radiation Oncologist

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


Program Committee Chair

Surgical Oncologist

New Delhi, India

Somasundaram SUBRAMANIAN

Founder & CEO - EAFO

Surgical Oncologist

Moscow, Russian Federation


Cancer Survivors, Relatives & Friends



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